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Going Green

Osprey Leisure Centre is innovative and award winning. We take pride in our efforts to be efficient and environmentally responsible. We have reduced gas and electric costs by 78% and have a building energy efficiency rating of 22 which is the lowest in the country for a leisure centre with a pool. Future plans and developments will always include Green Initiatives.

Air Source Heat Pumps take heat from the outside air and use this to heat the pool air space and pool water. Our system is a market leader in efficiency.

Solar Panels
On the main roof we have an array of solar panels which even on a dull day still add energy back into the system. Future plans are to cover even more of the roof.

Variable Speed Drives
This is the pumping system for the pool water – these highly efficient drives move water at controlled rates so saving on electricity and chlorine based on the amount of use the pool gets.

Going Green

Pool Cover
Each night the pool cover is rolled out over the whole pool surface – this provides a major saving by both maintaining pool water temperature and also in reducing evaporation.

Where we can we separate our waste for recyclables and general rubbish.

We encourage cycling to and from the centre including for staff and also have one of only a few electric car charging points in the area.

We will endeavour over the coming years to keep up the good work and to set even higher standards with more sustainable energy produced from the solar panels and with our efforts in recycling and cutting down on plastic and non-recyclable waste.

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